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Hart Recital Hall - Music Technology

Hart Recital Hall Live Recording & Performance Equipment

The UCM live recording equipment, while portable, is housed in the Hart Recording Room and comprises high-quality digital recording equipment, great microphones, and a variety of outboard gear. There is also an outstanding electronic music performance system in Hart Recital Hall, including video projection and multi-channel audio output.

Students working with live recording use this equipment to record every concert produced by the Department of Music at UCM. They are encouraged to try different microphone setups, when possible, to hone their live-recording skills. The emphasis is on traditional live-recording techniques, instead of close-mic techniques. Since students learn close-mic techniques in the recording studio proper, this emphasis ensures a breadth of experience in recording techniques. Students also get experience in mastering live recordings.

Our philosophy is to train students on equipment used every day by professionals around the world. Following is a list of the equipment used in live recordings housed in this studio.

Live Recording & Performance

Yamaha DM1000v2 48-channel digital mixer
Mackie 32.4-bus, Mackie 24.8-bus, or none, as needed

HHb CDR830 BurnIt CD recorder
Marantz PMD580 flash recorder
Tascam DAP-1 portable DAT deck
Tascam DA45HR DAT recorder
ZOOM Q3HD video/audio recorders

2 x Alesis 720
Sony MDR7506 headphones

2 x DPA 4060 mounted permanently
Other options available from the CMT microphone collection

Mic Preamps
Audient Mico stereo preamp
dbx 386 dual-channel tube preamplifier w/digital output
2 x PreSonus Digimax 8-channel mic preamps
16 mic preamps in the Yamaha DM1000 mixer

Live Performance System
8 x Meyer Sound Laboratories UPJ-1P loudspeakers
4 x Meyer Sound Laboratories UMS-1SM subwoofers
16' video projection screen
Dual Lamp native 720p projector

Lexicon MPX110 multieffects processor
PreSonus ACP-88 8-channel dynamics processor

Furman PL-8 power distributor
Cables by Monster Cable


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