JAZZ FESTIVAL Adjudicators

Adjudicators at the UCM Jazz Festival provide evaluation of the participating jazz bands and combos in three formats:

1. Audio Evaluation:  Adjudicators record comments throughout the ensembles performance, using digital recorders.  Each participating director will receive a unique folder link to download audio (or listen directly from the web) from www.BOX.com .  Contact the Festival Director if the unique link is misplaced.

2. Written Evaluation:  Adjudicators will make minimal written comments as time permits, using the UCM Jazz Festival evaluation forms (samples). 

3. Ensemble Clinic:  As time permits, adjudicators will clinic ensembles following their performances.  Ensembles that choose to play for their entire allotted performance time, will receive little to no clinicing.

For any additional questions, please contact:

Dr. David Aaberg, Director - Jazz-Commercial Music
Email: aaberg@ucmo.edu
Phone: 660-543-4909