Meet Dr. Check

by Emily Jordan

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John Check teaches music theory at the University of Central Missouri. Previously, he taught theory and aural skills at Lawrence University (WI).

His articles and reviews have appeared in Gamut, College Music Symposium, Studies in Music from the University of Western Ontario, NOTES, the Saxophone Symposium, The Instrumentalist, and the ITEA Journal. He has read papers at the annual meetings of the College Music Society, the American Musical Instrument Society, MACRO, the Oklahoma Music Theory Roundtable, and the Missouri Philological Association. He has written book reviews for the Wall Street Journal and The Weekly Standard. In addition, he has presented talks and participated in performances at the National Music Museum at the University of South Dakota. Theory pedagogy and musical form are his main scholarly interests.

For ten years he was the trombonist with Central Brass, the music department’s faculty brass quintet. With the trio of Luehrman, Shaffer, & Check, he plays mainly string bass.

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