Meet Dr. Hynes

Faculty Profile
by Daniel Mollenkamp

Photography by Emily Jordan

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Her family legend has it that at the age of three Mia Hynes corrected her mother’s piano playing, leading her mother to bring Mia up onto the bench to show mom how it was done. She made her professional debut at age twelve with the Indianapolis Symphony.  Fifth-grade Career Day was the last time she considered another profession. When she said she might want to be a doctor, her classmates told her “You’re already a pianist. You don’t get to pick two.” And while she realized in that moment that they were right, being a pianist eventually led her to receive a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Piano Performance and Literature, and Dr. Mia Hynes joined the UCM faculty in 1996.

Her piano also became her passport to the world, as she’s performed and lectured around the United States and beyond, including on NPR’s classical music show Performance Today, at the prestigious Library of Congress, at United Nations headquarters, at Steinway Hall in New York,  and at the European Piano Teachers Convention in Serbia, to name but a few venues.

Most piano students have one or two teachers before college. Mia had more like twenty. And the thing she noticed about them, apart from the fact that she admired them, was that they all wanted the same thing, just from different angles. She wasn’t only learning how to perform, she was learning how to teach, with a mental flexibility that allows for as many approaches as there are students.

Mia knows that studying music is a great way to develop your potential, regardless of the field in which you eventually end up. And she knows it brings wonderful people into your life. For Dr. Hynes those people have been other amazing musicians from around the world, including her colleagues, her students, and her husband, who is also a pianist.

Mia enjoys helping students experience life at a higher state of intensity. The intensity that comes from understanding. The intensity that comes from performing. The intensity that comes when you don’t just like the music, you don’t just love the music…you live the music. Dr. Mia Hynes lives the music.

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