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Sound Reinforcement Equipment

The UCM sound reinforcement equipment is designed as an educational tool, as well as for ease of use and great sound. Students in the Music Technology program are responsible for providing sound reinforcement for any Department of Music production requiring it. Note that the sound reinforcement equipment is frequently combined with the live recording equipment, to let students practice both skills at once.

Our philosophy is to train students on equipment used every day by professionals around the world. While the system below is smaller than arena systems, it is easily large enough for students to learn the essentials of sound reinforcement while providing great sound at concerts.

Sound Reinforcement Equipment

Mackie SR32•4-Bus VLZ-Pro
Yamaha DM1000v2 48-channel digital mixer

Main monitors
6 x Mackie/EAW SA1530z triamped 3-way PA speakers
2 x Mackie SR1530 triamped 3-way PA speakers

Stage monitors/fills
4 x Yamaha S115IV 2-way PA speakers
8 x JBL EON15G2 biamped 2-way speakers

Power amplifiers
2 x Mackie M1400i power amps

Effects/Dynamics Processors
Lexicon MPX110 multi-effects unit
PreSonus ACP-88

PreSonus DEQ624 digital 2-channel 31-band graphic equalizer

Furman PL-8 power distributor
Cables/snake by ProCo

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