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Center for Music Technology • Recording Studio A

UCM Center for Music Technology
Recording Studio A

Mixing Board in recording studio

Recording Studio A in the UCM Center for Music Technology is one of the best recording facilities for miles in any direction. Featuring a Yamaha DM2000v2 96-channel digital mixer, Pro Tools 11 HDX system, 24-channel SSL X-Rack system, and a wide variety of digital and analog equipment, this studio is equipped to handle anything from voiceover work to very large recording sessions.

In this studio, students learn and hone their skills as recording engineers. Our philosophy is to train students on equipment used every day in recording studios around the world. Following is a list of the equipment housed in this studio.

Studio A

Yamaha DM2000v2 96-channel digital mixer
24-channel SSL X-Rack summing buss/mixer with Total Recall

Hardware Recorders
Alesis ADAT HD24XR digital recorder (24 tracks)
Alesis Masterlink 9600 CD recording/mastering deck
Ampex A200 2-track analog tape deck
Teac 80-8 8-track analog tape deck

Hardware Signal Processors & Mic Preamps
2 x API 512c (mic preamps)
2 x API 525 (compressors/limiters)
2 x API 550b (EQs) Langevin Dual Vocal Combo (2 x mic preamps, EQ, limiters)
Drawmer 1969 Mercenary Edition (2 x mic preamps, EQ, limiters)
2 x Empirical Labs DerrEssers (de-essing, filtering)
2 x Empirical Labs Distressors with British Mode (compressors, distortion)
Great River MP500NV (mic preamp)
Groove Tubes ViPre (mic preamp)
Manley Massive Passive (stereo EQ)
2 x SSL XR621 mic preamps
2 x SSL XR627 VHD mic preamps
2 x SSL XR625 EQs
SSL XR727 Stereo EQ
2 x SSL XR618 Dynamics (compressors/gates)
SSL XR626 G Buss Compressor
2 x Vintech X73i (mic preamps, EQ)
Compressors/gates available on all channels of Yamaha DM2000
24 mic preamps in Yamaha DM2000
8 effects engines available in Yamaha DM2000

Software Recorders/Processors
Avid ProTools HDX system (up to 192 tracks)
Apple Logic Studio
MOTU MachFive v3 sampler
Apple iLife
Access Indigo
Bomb Factory BF76 and Moogerfooger bundle
Metric Halo Channel Strip
Antares Auto-Tune 7
Line6 AmpFarm and EchoFarm
Waves Diamond Bundle TDM/SoundGrid
Wave Mechanics PitchDoctor
Digidesign ReverbOne, Revibe, DINR, Bruno/Reso, D-Fi, D-Verb, etc.
Drawmer Dynamics
Sony Oxford EQ
McDSP Channel G, MC2000
CraneSong Phoenix
TC Master X3
Eventide H3000 Factory, Quadravox

2 x Genelec 8250a + 7260 subwoofer
5 x Genelec 1029A + 7060a subwoofer
Tannoy PS350 subwoofer
8 x Sony MDR7506 headphones

Kurzweil K2600XS 88-key w/sampling, studio/orchestra expansions

Apogee Symphony I/O (input/output module for ProTools HDX system)
Apple Macintosh 8-core Intel 3.0GHz w/ 1TB total available storage
Furman HDS6 headphone distribution system
Furman IT-1220 balanced power distributor
Argosy Console Series 90 Mainframe
Argosy Console Spire 1402 rack


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