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Music Technology
Vocal/Choral Music
Master’s of Music Education
Instrumental Music


Music Minor

MUSIC Minor for a Bachelor’s Degree
(Central does not confer teacher certification for this minor.)

Sem. Hours
MINOR Requirements......................... 23

Mus 1000 Recital Attendance (4 semesters) 0
Mus 1111 Theory I 3
Mus 1112 Theory II 3
Mus 1121 Aural Training I 1
Mus 1122 Aural Training II 1
Mus 3212 Music History 1800-Present 3
Mus 2221 Intro. To Music Literature I, 2 or
Mus 2222 Intro. To Music Literature II, 2 2
Major instrument or voice 4
Major large ensemble 4
Departmentally approved electives 2

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