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Students at mixing board with Eric HonourThe Music Technology program at the University of Central Missouri is designed to give students professional training in audio engineering, composition, sound design, technology-based performance, and other topics located at the intersection of music/audio and technology, as well as professional training in music. Unlike many certificate and degree programs in audio engineering, our degree program is designed around the curriculum for a Bachelor of Music degree, the professional baccalaureate degree for music.

Students interested in this degree program must successfully complete an audition and pass the Music Fundamentals Exam to be admitted to the Department of Music.

The curriculum of the Bachelor of Music in: Music Technology degree is similar to that of a typical Bachelor of Music degree in performance, but the student takes four years of music technology coursework in addition to courses like music theory, music history, aural training, and piano. With this musical training, in addition to the hands-on training of the music technology courses, graduates of this program are able to easily find common ground with other musicians, which is a significant advantage in the music industry.

The following Music Technology degree plan is the suggested course of study for entering freshmen music technology students. Transfer students or students changing majors will need to develop individualized courses of study and should contact Dr. Eric Honour for help with that process. Every student must follow the requirements as outlined in the current Undergraduate Catalog.  These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Note that entering any Bachelor of Music degree program at UCM, including the Music Technology program, requires an Admissions Audition. Music scholarships at UCM are awarded based on the auditions. Auditions are available by appointment throughout the year, but for the best chance at a scholarship, students should audition on one of the scheduled Scholarship Audition Dates.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone for more information on this degree program!



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