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Music Technology Interns and Graduates

General information about working in the music industryMusic mixing board

The music industry is a vibrant, exciting field, but is also very challenging. With the ongoing development of professional-quality tools for audio production at home, employment opportunities in the music industry have changed significantly and continue to evolve. The most successful people in the music industry are those who take an entrepreneurial, flexible approach to their work: great success comes to those who create and develop their own opportunities. The one constant is that the ability to produce high-quality, meaningful music and audio is valuable. Students in the music technology degree program at UCM are encouraged to think entrepreneurially throughout their college experiences, and receive top-notch training in music as well as audio production technology, enabling them to maximize their opportunities for success after graduation. The required internship helps to orient students to the ins and outs of the real world. UCM students go to the internship well-prepared: feedback from intern hosts about UCM students has been very positive, and many graduates have moved directly into full-time work in the industry after graduation.

Information about the internship

UCM music technology students must complete 6 semester hours of Mus 4450 Music Technology Internship to graduate. Each semester hour requires 70 hours of work in the field at a company related to music technology. Most students intern with a recording studio or live sound company, but other possibilities exist: students are encouraged to seek out internship opportunities that are closely related to their desired careers after graduation, and some have interned for large churches, radio stations, music production houses, music publishers, or established singer/songwriters. The majority of students intern with companies in the Kansas City or St. Louis areas, but many have gone farther afield, to Nashville, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, for instance.

Securing the internship is the student's responsibility. However, they receive assistance from UCM in drafting a resume and cover letter, as well as in deciding what sort of internship they would like to complete. Some students split the required semester hours of internship between two or more fields, as a means of exploring different possibilities.

Internship Locations

UCM students have interned at the following locations, among others:

IRCAM, Paris
Kingston Green Radio, London
Blow Up Records, London

Los Angeles & West Coast:
Bell Sound, Los Angeles
EMI Music Publishing, Los Angeles
Emoto Studios, Santa Monica
Goodspot, Santa Monica
California Recording, Orange County
TrueTalent, Los Angeles
Skip Saylor Productions, Los Angeles
REX Production and Post, Portland
CSS Productions, Phoenix

New York:
Dubway Studio, New York

Castle Recording, Nashville
Dark Horse Recording, Nashville
Emerald Audio, Nashville
Gotee Records, Nashville

Bosco Productions, Chicago
Rax Trax, Chicago
Engine Studios, Chicago
Horse-Drawn Productions, Chicago
Voices Recording, Branson
Cohesion Productions, Cedar Falls
Riverton Studios, St. Louis
Technisonic, St. Louis
AMPstl, St. Louis
KPNT105.7FM The Point, St. Louis
Daybreak Recording, Lawrence
Black Lodge Studios, Lawrence
BRC Audio Productions, Kansas City
Chapman Recording, Kansas City
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Kansas City
The New Theatre Restaurant, Kansas City
Digital Sound Systems, Kansas City
DXD, Kansas City
MIX93.3FM, Kansas City
The Grand Emporium, Kansas City

UCM Graduates

Graduates from the music technology program have been involved in one way or another with recorded or live productions with such well-known artists as Brad Paisley, Josh Turner, Elton John, the Kansas City Symphony, Eldar, Grant Rice, The Odd Squad, and Snoop Dogg, among numerous others. As musicians, several of our graduates have released notable records, including Monitors, featuring alumni Joe Post and Andrew Chitwood, with releases on Lona Records (Paris, France) and DNT Records (Los Angeles). The Paperclips, a band featuring alumni students Nate Caywood and Jake Briscoe, took second place in the 2008 "College Battle for the Roo," a national competition among college bands vying for a performance slot at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Alumni Zach Johnson and Chad Ray took 2nd place nationally in the 2010 BMI John Lennon Songwriting Competition for their song Losing Control, written and recorded at UCM. Recently, two different graduates have spent more than a year each on tour with Beyoncé and major country recording artist Eric Church, respectively.

Alumni from the music technology program have found employment in many different facets of the music industry, and for other related companies, including:

EMI Music Publishing
Gibson USA
Triton Technical (Seattle)
Harvest Sound (sound company for the Kansas City Symphony and Starlight Theatre)
Digital Sound Solutions (national tour production company)
DXD, Kansas City (audio-for-video production company)
BRC Audio Productions, Kansas City (recording studio)
Daybreak Recording, Lawrence (recording studio and live recording)
The Cool Music Network
Frank Rogers Productions, Nashville (Josh Turner, Brad Paisley)
Horse-Drawn Productions, Chicago (The Odd Squad)
The New Theatre Restaurant, Kansas City (nationally recognized dinner theatre)

Alumni: we always want to know what you are doing! Please make sure to let us know where you're working.

Please contact Dr. Eric Honour for any additional information or with additional questions.



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