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UCM Study Abroad 101

Study Abroad
Grant funding available to every student.

Faculty and Scholar Services

Faculty and Scholar Services

Sponsored Student Program

Sponsored Student Program

UCM English Language Institute

English Language Institute

Approved Programs

Once your program is approved, you can begin detailed planning of your trip. As a guideline, once you’re approved, you should:

  • Contact the CGE to arrange introductory meeting with CGE Director, your Department Chair and your department's OP to discuss roles and responsibilities.  Please refer to the List of Faculty-Led Program Responsibilities for specific details.
  • Develop program brochure, promote program through the CGE website and Study Abroad events.
  • Coordinate with Extended Studies and Department Chair to have courses posted in Banner.
  • Ensure that the accepted students have been billed the initial 10% deposit.
  • Upon official withdrawal, remove student from active list, have credits/debits posted to accounts through Student Financial Service
  • Ensure that the accepted students have been billed the balance of the program.
  • Assist with payment of travel/tour arrangements.
  • Confirm completion of all online application materials.

A Timeline for Faculty-Led Programs is available to help you and your students anticipate deadlines and payment due dates.

The Center for Global Education is here to assist you with all your questions and concerns. Please contact us with any questions you have during the process.


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Application priority deadlines:

Summer 2019 programs: February 20th
Fall 2019 programs:February 20th

Spring 2019 programs: September 20th




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