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When applying for housing as an international exchange student at UCM, students have three options: Student Apartments, Residence Halls, and off-campus accommodations. Each student must pay a $100 deposit with their housing agreement if living in campus dorms (deposits vary per apartment), $75 of which is refundable at the contract’s end. Students may not check-in to UCM housing until all paperwork is completed.

Student Apartments

UCM offers five apartment complexes for students that are located both on-campus (Todd, Foster-Knox, and Nickerson) and nearby to campus (Greenwood Park and Central Village). On-campus accommodations come furnished while those nearby to campus do not. Rent charges are posted at the beginning of each semester to student accounts. Campus-affiliated housing is on a first come, first serve basis, so we recommend selecting top choices in order to secure housing.

2017-2018 apartment rates are per unit per month and listed as follows:

Todd Apartments - Furnished
One bedroom, One bath $727.00/month $100.00 deposit
Two bedroom, Two bath $896.00/month $100.00 deposit
Rent for Todd apartments includes ALL utilities, cable TV, and Internet access (wireless included). Students who have completed at least 30 UCM-accepted credit hours or are graduate students are eligible to live here.

Foster-Knox & Nickerson Apartments - Furnished
One bedroom, One bath $727.00/month $100 deposit
Rent for Foster-Knox apartments includes ALL utilities, cable TV, and Internet access (wireless included). Students who have completed at least 30 UCM-accepted credit hours or are graduate students are eligible to live here.

Greenwood Park Park Townhouses - Unfurnished
Two bedroom, One and a half bath $783.00/month $300 deposit

Central Village - Unfurnished
One bedroom, One bath $594.00/month $300 deposit
Two bedroom, One bath $717.00/month $300 deposit
Three bedroom, One bath $857.00/month $300 deposit
Rent for Greenwood Park and Central Village apartments include cable TV, Internet access (wireless included), water, sewer, and trash collection. Resident pays for gas and electricity. Occupancy in these buildings is limited to married couples, single parents, Graduate students, or undergraduate students who are at least 20 years of age.

The Crossing Apartments - Furnished
Two-bedroom, One bath $676.00/month per bedroom $100 deposit
Four-bedroom, Two bath $578.00/month per bedroom $100 deposit
4 bedroom garden apartment (two-story), Two bath $653.00/month per bedroom $100 deposit
Rent for the furnished Crossing Apartments includes all utilities plus cable TV and Internet access. Students who are 21 years of age or have completed 60 or more UCM-accepted credit hours are eligible to live in The Crossing. 

Residence Halls

Students also have the option of living in one of UCM’s 15 residence halls. All buildings are co-ed with the exception of Yeater Hall. Rooms are double occupancy and suite style, meaning two rooms (four residents) share one bathroom that joins the two rooms. Each room is furnished with one dresser, two desks with chairs and two single beds. Every floor includes a recreational lounge and most include kitchenettes. All halls include wireless internet, laundry services, and cable television and utilities are included in the room rates. Residence Halls close over Fall break, Winter break, and Spring break. Students wishing to stay in their residence hall room must request to do so when signing their housing agreement. Students will be billed $50/week for fall and spring breaks and $100 for the three weeks of winter break. Students are not required to stay in their residence hall over these breaks, but only select halls will remain open. University furnished apartments which remain open during breaks are: Todd Apartments, Foster/Knox Apartments, Nickerson Apartments, and The Crossing.

2017-2018 Residence Hall Room Rates*
Double room $2,697.00 per semester per person
Single room (if available) $3,297.00 per semester per person

*All first-year and second-year students are required to purchase a meal plan. First-year and second-year meal plans cost $1,571 per semester.

Off-Campus Accommodations

Students also have the option of living off campus if they so choose.

Students can find this information and more regarding UCM student housing online at Students can sign up for UCM housing in their MyCentral account.

*Please note Housing prices have not been set for the 2018-2019 academic year. These are 2017-2018 prices. Although we do not anticipate an increase, we cannot guarantee these costs.


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