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Grant funding available to every student.

Faculty and Scholar Services

Faculty and Scholar Services

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Sponsored Student Program

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Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program

Every year, UCM faculty organize short-term study abroad programs all around the world. Make the world your classroom by applying to one of these exciting programs:

Archaeology Museums of London

Location: London, England

Program Dates: May 7-18, 2018

Led By: Dr. Yelton

Course: ANTH 4815

Description: : Anthropology in England is appropriate for undergraduates with interests in anthropology, archaeology, history, social science or museum studies. Graduate students can receive credit with an additional research project.

Highlights: Learn about how we display ancient cultures at the British Museum and Museum of London, visit Stonehenge, and explore London

Application Deadline:

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Art & Design Museum Tour: Italy

Location: Rome, Italy

Program Dates: May 8-18, 2018

Led By: Dr. Cloud & Dr. Stevenson

Course: ART 4010: Gain a broad perspective of the arts and be able to relate it to history and culture.  Understand how Italian artists were influenced by time and place and how time and place are influenced by art.


Program Fee:

Application Deadline:

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Public Relations Down Under

Location: Brisbane, AustraliaHavanna street scene

Program Dates: December 9-21, 2018

Led By: Dr. Hansen-Horn

Description: UCM students from all majors, as well as UCM alumni, are welcome to join the UCM PR program in December 2018 as we travel to Australia in the height of the Australian summer. Graduate students can travel with us as well. 

Course Offered: Students must enroll in 3-6 credits of PR 4600: Special Topics. We're offering two PR 4600 Special Topics courses: "PRomotion and International Travel," and "PRomotion and Australia: Exploring the Land Down Under." PR 2620 is a prerequisite to PR 4600, but  "instructor consent" also works. Dr. Hansen-Horn will work with each inserted student to make sure he or she can enroll in the courses and, do well.

Highlights: We've got a great study abroad trip planned, lots of people to meet, behind-the-scenes-tours to take, a koala sanctuary calling our name, and professional training and development to pursue. Alumni, we've put together an optional package of activities for you as well.

Program Fee: Total costs run from $3500-$4200, plus elective activities such as the optional alumni packages, as well as tuition for all participating students. We're working hard to book a great cost-savings group flight!

Application Deadline:

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Application priority deadlines:

Summer 2019 programs: February 20th
Fall 2019 programs:February 20th

Spring 2019 programs: September 20th




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