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Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program

Every year, UCM faculty organize short-term study abroad programs all around the world. Make the world your classroom by applying to one of these exciting programs:


Central in Florence

Location: Florence, ItalyHavanna street scene

Program Dates: June 2- June 29, 2017

Led By: Dr. Jacob Sentgeorge

Description: Spend one month in Florence, Italy, studying language and the Accademia Europea di Firenze (AEF) while being enrolled in programs for Musicians, Instrumentalists, and singers. All Instrumentalists and Singers will perform in Florence at the end of the trip!

Course Offered: MUS 1610 (1 Credit Hour)

Highlights: Opera di Firenze, St. Mark's Church Concert, Uffizi Museum, Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze, the Duomo, and many more!

Program Fee: $3600

Application Deadline: March 17, 2017


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Mules on the Mall: Washington, DC Faculty Led Study Tour

Location: Washington, DC USANicaragua Healthcare

Program Dates: August 31- September 4, 2017


Led By: Dr. Delia Cook Gillis


Description: UCM students will be exposed to the internationally cosmopolitan environment of Washington D.C. Students will be engaged in the extensive and rich African American history and culture by visiting the exhibits and collections of and meet professionals working in some of our nation's most prestigious cultural institutions.

Course: HIST 4351 National MLuseum of African American History and Culture. This course is offered for the first 8 weeks of the fall semester, running from August 14-October 9th. This class if offered online with scheduled team meetings.

Highlights: The National Archives, the Smithsonian, National Monuments (Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, MLK), and the National Holocaust Museum


Program Fee: $1500


Application Deadline: June 10, 2017


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Winter Break in Reggio, Italy

Location: Reggio, ItalyOrebro Castle

Program Dates: December 10-17, 2017


Led By: Dr. Renee Coltrin


Course: ECEL 2830: This course provides a critical understanding concerning the application of educational pronciples in order to make professional decisions about young children



Highlights: Uffizi Gallery, Tours of Florence, Local Preschool Visits, and local culture!


Program Fee: $2250

*Price is subject to change*

Application Deadline: June 8, 2017


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Archaeological Museums of England

Location: London, EnglandStudents in London

Program Dates: May 10-17, 2017


Led By: Dr. Jeff Yelton


Course: ANTH 4815: Anthropology in England is appropriate for undergraduates with interests in anthropology, archaeology, history, social science or museum studies.  Graduate students can receive credit with an additional research project.


Highlights: Learn about how we display ancient cultures at the British Museum and Museum of London, visit Stonehenge, and explore London


Program Fee: $2250


Application Deadline: March 10, 2017


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German Romantic & Beyond--Rhine Main River Valley

Location: Frankfurt, GermanyHeidelberger Schloss

Program Dates: June 5-19, 2017


Led By: Dr. Julia Trumpold


Course: GER 4390 or Modern Languages 4040: Trace the dynamic of the Rhine and Main River Valley thorugh literature, art, architecture and film.Examine the ways in which the German cities were fashioned and refashioned, and how these cities were reflected in the literature and art of the various eras.


Highlights: Visit castles, cathedrals, and museums while learning about German history, architecture and culture. Stay with German host families.  Eat a Doener.  See the Rhine River.


There will be an informational meeting on November 3, 2016 at 3:15 in Wood 212

Program Fee: $1900.00


Application Deadline: March 10, 2107


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Art & Design Museum Tour: Spain

Location: Madrid & Barcelona, SpainThe Louvre

Program Dates: May 14-28, 2017


Led By: Dr. Mick Luehrman & Dr. Rahila Weed


Course: ART 4010: Gain a broad perspective of the arts and be able to relate it to history and culture.  Understand how Spanish artists were influenced by time and place and how time and place are influenced by art.


Highlights: Take a guided day trip to the 2000-year-old Toledo, Spain, a Unesco World Heritage City.  Study art, design, and architectural history in Madrid and Barcelona using the museums and the architecture of the two cities as an educationl resource: Museo Arqueologico, Museo del Prado, Picasso Museum and much more!


Program Fee: $3200


Application Deadline: Mar. 10, 2017


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Spanish Language: Spain's Summer

Location: Comillas, SpainAerial view of Comillas

Program Dates: July 6-30, 2017

Led By: Prof. Dolores Mercado

Course: SPAN 4690: All levels of Spanish classes will be taught by Spanish professors.  20 hours of Spanish classes per week plus a total of 20-40 hours of cultural field trips and activities.

Highlights: Enjoy dancing, cooking and acting in Spanish culture, stay with a Spanish family, explore Bilbao, Santander & Picos de Europa, and visit Spanish museums.

Program Fee: $2600

Application Deadline: March 10, 2017

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Treasures of Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Location: Treasure Beach, JamaicaStudents in Jamaica

Program Dates: March 16-25, 2016


Led By: Dr. Delia Gillis


Course: HIST 4351: Treasures of Treasure Beach: An Expedition of Culture & Service


Highlights: Study the rich history and culture of Jamaica in Treasure Beach, Montego Bay, Black River and Santa Cruz.  Service learning projects with the Treasure Beach Women's Group, Sandy Bank Primary School & St. Elizabeth Technical High School.


Program Fee: $2300


Application Deadline: Nov. 10, 2016


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Diversity, Social Justice, and Educational Systems: Sweden

Location: Sweden


Program Dates: March 17-25


Led by: Dr. Angela Danley


Course 1: ECEL 2110, Diversity and Social Justice (3 credits); ECEL 4000, Special Projects (1 credit)



Highlights: Stay with a Swedish family, visit primary and seondary schools, enjoy Stockholm


Program Fee: $2275


Application Deadline: November 10


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Ecology Field Course: Belize Field Trip

Location: Ambergris Caye, BelizeBelize Coral Reef 2


Program Dates: May15-24, 2017


Led By: Dr. Steve Wilson & Dr. Scott Lankford


Course: BIO 4953/5953: The Belize Field Trip provides students with a team-oriented research experience in a tropical marine environment.  The course centers on student projects developed over the course of the spring semester.  Thee projects include surveys of fish, corals, other invertebrates and algae and focus on the health and stability of the coral reef environment. Students obtain experience in conducting research in the marine environment, analyzing data, and presenting their findings in both oral and poster display formats. 


Highlights: A field trip to an ancient Mayan city, oberserve tropical wildlife, take part in an on-giong research project. Explore coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove forests. Snorkel with sea turtles, nurse sharks, sting rays and over 100 species of fish.


Program Fee: $2290


Application Deadline: Nov. 10, 2016


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Caribbean Marketing Spring Break Cruise: Study Aboard!

Location: Roatan, Honduras; Barvest Caye, Belize; Costa Maya, Mexico and Cozumel.Costa Maya, Mexico


Program Dates: March 19-26, 2017


Led By: Dr. Ginger Killian and Dr. Todd McClure


Course: Earn 3-6 credit hours of undergraduate/graduate credit: Services Marketing (3 hours): students will examine issues and concepts unique to the marketing of services.  Special Projects in Marketing (3 hours): students will examine intergrated marketing communicaiton strategies employed by the cruise line as well as a comparative analysis of IMC for traditional, highly recognized brands across different cultures.


Highlights: Behin-the scenes tours, guest speakers (on board as well as cruise line headquarters), oberserve marketing in action all while taking in the beautiful Caribbean!


Program Fee: $2200


Application Deadline: Nov. 10, 2016


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Criminal Justice in Korea and Japan

Location: Korea and Japan

Program Dates: May 15-23, 2017

Led By: Dr. Yeok-il ChoTokyo Market at Night

Course: The class is offered for undergraduate or graduate credit. It can be credit and non-credit options. The purpose of this class is (1) increase an awarness and understanding of major criminal justice and cultural issues relavant to South Korea and Japan, (2) to compare and contrast cultural issues relecant to South Korea and Japan, (3) to interact with local institutions and people, and (4) to prepare to travel by gaining information through academic materials.

Highlights: Tokyo/Seoul Metropolitan Police Department, Japanese and Korean Police Museums, Fuchu/Anyang Prison, national museum, traditional villages, fish markets, and much more!

Program Fee: $3950

Application Deadline: Nov. 10, 2016

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Assaggiando Tuscana: Tasting Tuscany

Location: Tuscany, Italy

Program Dates: May 6-13, 2017

Led By: Chef Karen BreshearsItalian Food Display

Course: If you appreciate ethnic food, culture, culinary customs and travel, this class is for you! Assiaggiando Tuscana, which means Under the Tuscan Taste, is a trip to the Tuscany Region of Italy (Pisa and Florence). This three credit hour course will have you research the Tuscany area of Italy for food and Culture, writing a paper, and presenting it to the class. There will als be elements of how to travel overseas, travel safetly, preparing for traveling, how to pack, exchanging money, and everything you need to know about how to travel.

Highlights: San Lorenzo Market, Uffizi Gallery, Truffle hunting, Medici Chapelle, a cooking day with a local chef, and a community service learning project!

Program Fee: $3050

Application Deadline: Nov. 10, 2016

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Geology of the Colorado Plateau

Location: Colorado

Program Dates: Spring Class: 1/9-5/5/2017, Field Trip End of May

Led By: Dr. Gary KrizanichGrand Canyon Sunset

Course: Spend 8 days exploring the most beautiful landscapes found in North America. This Program will consist of a seated classroom study of the geology of the Colorado Plateau followed by a field trip of the study area. The classroom portion, EASC 4010, will focus on the specific areas that will be included in the field tour. The Objective of this course is to expose students to the field studyof some of North America's most spectacular geologic settings. Be prepared to witness breathtaking sunrises and sunsets along the way!

Highlights: Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Monument Valley (Navajo National Tribal Park), and Grand Canyon National Park!

Program Fee: $1875

Application Deadline: Nov. 10, 2016

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The Middle East: Beyond the Headlines

Location: Amman, Jordan, Jerusalem, and Israel

Program Dates: May 8-25, 2017

Led By: Professor Mike MakaraPetra in Jordan

Course: Perhaps no area in the world is more widely discussed yet poorly understood than the Middle East. This program will give students an in-person account of the most politically-charged issues facing Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Occupied Territories, three places at the heart of the Middle East's political controversies. This program consists of two components: a one-week online class and a two week study abroad trip. All Majors are welcome, no prerequisites required.

Highlights: Lectures from the Israeli and Arab experts and policymakers, guided excursions (including one to Petra), and town visits in Jordan and the West Bank.

Program Fee: $2550

Application Deadline: Nov. 10, 2016

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Americans in Paris: The Hollywood Musical Abroad

Location: Paris, France

Program Dates: June 18-30


Led By: Professor Allison Robbins


Course: Learn about the history of the Hollywood Parismusical and about the analysis of filmed musical numbers.  Using your own favorite films, you will then contribute to a scholarly database on the Hollywood musical.  With your fellow classmates, you'll travel to Paris in June to present your collective findings to an international team of film scholars.


Highlights: While in France, you'll also tour the major cultural attractions in the surrounding area, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame and the Palace of Versailles.  Housing will be at the Fondation des Etats-Unis at the Cite International Universitaire de Paris (CiuP), a beautiful university in the south of Paris.


Program Fee: $2700


Application Deadline: Nov. 10, 2016


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Music in Thailand

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Program Dates: May 17-June 2, 2017


Led By: Professor Scott Lubaroff


Course: MUS 4000/5020: Held in the College Thailandof Music in Mahidol University, students will focus on the development of pedagogy and instrumental ensemble repertoire for mixed winds & percussion; both in terms of the effects of the American history/traditions in the ensemble on the development of repertoire/traditions in Eastern Asia and vice-versa, as well as score study, rehearsal techniques, and conducting techniques.


Highlights: Cultural excursions will include visits to Thailand's Grand Palace, temples, Asiatique, Krabi Island village and 4-island tour, kayaking and much more!


Program Fee: $3556


Application Deadline: March 10, 2017


Apply Now!

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