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UCM Study Abroad Programs

UCM Study Abroad and Exchange has a study abroad program to fit the needs and goals of every UCM student. At UCM, we feel study abroad is an important part of experiential learning that every student should have access to. UCM has a complete portfolio of study abroad opportunities to fit student's needs.

There are a multiude of opportunities for UCM students to have an international experience.

Three types of Study Abroad Opportunities

1. Exchange

What is an Exchange Program?

An exchange program is an agreement made between UCM a university in another country to "exchange" students, faculty, and ideas to foster international understanding and education. Exchanges are mutually beneficial because as UCM gets to send students to our partner foreign universities, those partner universities get to send students to UCM. With all of our exchange partners, UCM students get to pay their regular UCM tuition while attending the partner institution for a summer session, semester, or academic year.

ISEP Exchange

UCM students have a unique opportunity to study through ISEP Study Abroad on exchange in addition to UCM exchange partners. ISEP has a network of over 100 exchange partners that are available to UCM students. Depending on the location and semester, exchanges can be competitive to get into. Students can go to ISEP's website, under U.S. Students, and choose a semester to see the list of exchanges available and chances of placement.

Between UCM exchanges and ISEP exchanges, students have many options to choose from at a cost effective price. See below for a list of UCM exchanges by region. Visit our program search site to search for all of our available exchange partners programs.

Where can I go on exchange?

2. Faculty-Led

A faculty-led study abroad program is an academic course or courses that combine traditional classroom learning and experiential learning in an international setting.

  • Led by a UCM faculty member.
  • Enroll in a UCM course and receive direct credit.
  • Visit a country that provides a rich history in your academic area of study.
  • Become immersed in the language you study.
  • Take in a new culture and expand your understanding.
  • Gain hands-on experience.
  • Multiple locations in which you can study.

3. Third-Party Providers

A third-party study abroad provider offers opportunities to students that extend beyond our exchange partner program options. Costs range depending on length of program and by provider. Usually credit can be transferred into UCM. Third-party providers offer summer, semester and year long options. Housing is generally provided by the host institution and is usually included in the total program cost.

It is important to note that a student must complete both a UCM study abroad application and the third-party provider application. Third-party provider application fees are non-refundable.


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Application priority deadlines:

Summer 2019 programs: February 20th
Fall 2019 programs:February 20th

Spring 2019 programs: September 20th




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