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Three Year Degrees

First, the four-year bachelor’s degree is preferred over the three-year bachelor’s degree when requesting graduate admission consideration.  However, University of Central Missouri will consider for graduate admission international applicants who have earned a three year bachelor’s degree from a university which is fully recognized by the home country’s Ministry of Education as an institution of higher learning with full university degree granting authority.  However, graduate admission requires a detailed review of multiple credentials and the holder of a three-year bachelor degree is expected to meet the following criteria:

1.  The three-year bachelor’s degree must be conferred by an appropriately recognized university.

2.  The graduate applicant must meet the normal academic admission requirements as specified by the academic department of interest.  The academic department will make the official graduate admission decision and has the prerogative to require a minimum undergraduate cumulative grade point average, completion of specific undergraduate background courses, a minimum score on GMAT or GRE, career goal statement, letters of recommendation, and other credentials deemed appropriate in order to make a fair and accurate admission decision.

3.  The applicant must meet minimum TOEFL requirements for regular graduate admission consideration which is generally a minimum TOEFL score of 213 (computer base) or 550 (paper base).

All graduate admission decisions are made by the specific academic department in which the applicant has expressed an interest in earning a master’s degree.  In some cases, the academic department may require the applicant submitting a three-year bachelor’s degree to hire the services of an established and reputable outside credential evaluation service.  This may be requested in order to further validate the bachelor degree, confirm the recognition (accreditation) of the institution issuing the degree, and provide professional insight as to the quality and reputation of the specific academic program.  The cost of the evaluation would be borne by the applicant.  The three-year bachelor degree holder requesting graduate admission consideration may also be required to complete an additional year of undergraduate study, post graduate study, or completion of the first year of a two-year master’s degree prior to being considered for University of Central Missouri graduate admission.  It is important to note that each graduate admission application received is reviewed individually with eye focused on the academic quality of the institution conferring the three- year undergraduate degree, marks earned in specific subjects, test results and work experience if available.