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International Center

Union 302
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4195
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Costs for International Students 2013-2014

Academic Year (9 months)/beginning August 2013

(@$426.30/credit hour)
(@$552.50/credit hour)
Nonresident Tuition* 12,788.00 9,946.00
General Fees 870.00 870.00
Room and Board 7,734.00 7,734.00
Books and Supplies 800.00 800.00
Mandatory Medical Insurance 1,017.00


International Student Fees 200.00 200.00
TOTAL $23,409.00 $20,567.00

Summer Session - 2013***

(@$419.00/credit hour)
(@$543.50 credit hour)
Nonresident Tuition* 2,514.00 3,258.00
Room and Board 2,536.00 2,536.00
Books and Supplies 400.00 400.00
Mandatory Medical Insurance 261.00 261.00
General Fees** 172.00 172.00
TOTAL $5,883.00 $6,627.00

*Tuition fees calculated for minimum full-time student credit hour load:
Undergraduate - 15 credit hours per semester and 6 credit hours per summer
Graduate - 9 credit hours per semester and 6 credit hours per summer

** General fees support facilities, technology, and the student union.  This fee also includes student activities, such as athletics, which offers free admissions to students for all home events. 

***Summer room and board calculated as 34% of Academic Year (9 months)

NOTE: Costs for personal expenses are not included in the above estimate. Some programs require additional fees: check with each department. The International Center will charge a new student fee of $50.00 for each new international student upon enrolling in their first session of classes. The University of Central Missouri's Board of Governors may alter fees at any time. All international students at UCM are required to enroll in the University's health insurance program.

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