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English Requirements

Regular Admission

The acceptable TOEFL score for undergraduate placement in regular university classes is 61 (Internet based) or 500 (paper based).  The acceptable TOEFL score for graduate placement in regular university classes is 79 (Internet based) or 550 (paper based).  Our graduate program in Teaching English as a Second Language requires a minimum TOEFL score of  227 (computer based), 86 (Internet based) or 565 (paper based).

IELTS scores are also accepted at UCM. Regular undergraduate applicants should have a band score of 5.5 and regular graduate students should have a band score of 6.0.

Additional English proficiency testing is part of orientation for undergraduate students who have secured regular admission. This additional English testing is a speak and essay test that is administered by the Department of English and ensures that you are ready for academic work at the university level. This is a required part of orientation, and undergraduate students who do not participate in the assessment may be automatically enrolled in an additional English class. The assessment results determine if a student is required to take two additional English courses. If required, these courses are taken for credit and can be taken along with other regular academic classes. Read more about this assessment here.

Some students will be exempt from the additional English testing. Those students include:
1) Students who have earned a TOEFL score or equivalent of 580 (paper-based), or 92 (Internet-based).
2) Students from countries defined as having English as the primary official language of education.
3) Students who have earned an Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree from a university in a country in which English is the native language, including all universities inside the United States.
4) Students who have earned a minimum of 30 regular semester hours (US equivalent) from a US university. Hours earned from an Intensive English Program are not counted toward the 30 hour requirement.
5) Graduate students (Except those majoring in TESL).

Conditional Admission

The acceptable TOEFL score for undergraduate placement as a conditionally admitted student is 45 (Internet based), 450 (paper based) or 4.0 IELTS..  The acceptable TOEFL score for graduate placement as a conditionally admitted student is 500 (paper base, 61 internet-based or 5.5 IELTS..  The English proficiency level of international students requesting conditional admission that are unable to take the TOEFL or IELTS examination will be reviewed on an individual basis.  Special consideration during the admission process will be given to English courses completed by the applicant in secondary school, post-secondary school, or an institution which specializes in English language training.  International students granted conditional admission are admitted into a specific academic program, however, they may not enroll in regular university classes without first earning the minimum TOEFL / IELTS score for regular admission. 

An opportunity to take an institutional TOEFL examination prior to the start of fall and spring semester is provided to each conditionally admitted student with test results available within 24 hours.  To take the institutional TOEFL, students must register ahead of time by submitting the registration form.

Should the minimum TOEFL score for regular admission be received, an admission status adjustment from conditional to regular is made and the student may enroll in regular university classes.  Should the student fail to achieve the minimum TOEFL score necessary for regular admission, the conditional admission status is maintained and the student is required to enroll as a full-time student in English language courses offered by our Intensive English Program.

Intensive English Program Admission

International students who wish to pursue a university degree within a specific academic discipline but do not meet minimum conditional admission TOEFL / IELTS requirements may be granted admission into our Intensive English Program.  However, these students are not eligible for admission into a specific academic program.  Admission into our Intensive English Program does not suggest and/or guarantee conditional or regular admission into University of Central Missouri as a degree seeking student.  Admission into our Intensive English Program is often requested by individuals who simply wish to become more proficient in the English language abilities for future educational or career ambitions.

TOEFL Requirements for Specific Countries

Country TOEFL Required to Apply Speak and Essay Test Required at Orientation
Algeria Yes Yes
Angola Yes Yes
Anguilla Yes Yes
Argentina Yes Yes
Australia No No
Austria Yes Yes
Azerbaijan Yes Yes
Bahamas, The No No
Bahrain Yes Yes
Bangladesh Yes Yes
Barbados No No
Belarus Yes Yes
Belgium Yes Yes
Belize Yes Yes
Bolivia Yes Yes
Botswana No Yes
Brazil Yes Yes
Bulgaria Yes Yes
Burkina Faso Yes Yes
Burma Yes Yes
Cambodia Yes Yes
Cameroon No Yes
Canada No No
Chad Yes Yes
China Yes Yes
Colombia Yes Yes
Congo, Democratic Republic of The Yes Yes
Croatia Yes Yes
Cyprus Yes Yes
Czech Republic Yes Yes
Denmark Yes Yes
Ecuador Yes Yes
Egypt Yes Yes
Ethiopia Yes Yes
Finland Yes Yes
France Yes Yes
Gambia, The No Yes
Gaza Strip Yes Yes
Germany Yes Yes
Ghana No Yes
Greece Yes Yes
Grenada Yes Yes
Honduras Yes Yes
Hong Kong Yes Yes
Hungary Yes Yes
Iceland Yes Yes
India Yes Yes
Indonesia Yes Yes
Iran Yes Yes
Iraq Yes Yes
Israel Yes Yes
Italy Yes Yes
Jamaica No No
Japan Yes Yes
Jordan Yes Yes
Kazakhstan Yes Yes
Kenya No Yes
Kuwait Yes Yes
Laos Yes Yes
Lebanon Yes Yes
Liberia No Yes
Malawi Yes Yes
Malaysia Yes Yes
Mali Yes Yes
Mauritania Yes Yes
Mexico Yes Yes
Moldova Yes Yes
Mongolia Yes Yes
Morocco Yes Yes
Nepal Yes Yes
Netherlands Yes Yes
New Zealand No No
Nigeria No Yes
Norway Yes Yes
Oman Yes Yes
Pakistan Yes Yes
Panama Yes Yes
Peru Yes Yes
Philippines Yes Yes
Poland Yes Yes
Romania Yes Yes
Russia Yes Yes
Rwanda Yes Yes
Saint Kitts and Nevis No No
Saudi Arabia Yes Yes
Senegal Yes Yes
Serbia Yes Yes
Sierra Leone No Yes
Singapore Yes Yes
Slovakia Yes Yes
Somalia Yes Yes
South Africa Yes Yes
South Korea Yes Yes
Spain Yes Yes
Sri Lanka Yes Yes
Sudan Yes Yes
Sweden Yes Yes
Syria Yes Yes
Taiwan Yes Yes
Tanzania No Yes
Thailand Yes Yes
Togo Yes Yes
Trinidad & Tobago No Yes
Tunisia Yes Yes
Turkey Yes Yes
Turks and Caicos Islands No No
Uganda No Yes
Ukraine Yes Yes
United Arab Emirates Yes Yes
United Kingdom No No
Uzbekistan Yes Yes
Venezuela Yes Yes
Vietnam Yes Yes
West Bank Yes Yes
Yemen Yes Yes
Zambia No Yes
Zimbabwe No Yes