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The mission of the Consortium for Transatlantic Studies and Scholarship (CTSS) seeks to encourage and promote a transatlantic perspective by providing faculty and students with a unique multicultural environment in order to aid their personal, professional, and academic development. Furthermore, we encourage collaboration within the consortium and among the member institutions in the area of academics, research, sharing of resources, and development of new programs, at all levels of the college/university: student, faculty, and administration.


To that end, the CTSS has established a Study Abroad Program in Alcalá, Spain, which is held during the Fall and Spring Semesters.


Also, an annual Conference--open to faculty and students alike--is held each year as a way to promote research, dialogue, and discussion among "scholars from across the world and from across the arts, humanities, and social sciences, [on] the nature and changing traits of Global Challenges through the lens of the transatlantic perspective.


Information on the CTSS Study Abroad Program, Annual Conference, and Consortium Membership may be found by clicking on the links below.

Study Abroad Program Information in Alcala, Spain

Student Resources

Faculty Resources

CTSS Member Institutions

CTSS Bylaws

CTSS Annual Conference