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Seventh Annual Conference on Transatlantic Scholarship

October 24-26, 2013—University of Alcala, Spain.


September 1, 2013 (Reduced Price)

September 24, 2013 (Deadline for Presenters)

For further information please contact Isabel Albella at the Instituto Franklin – UAH and visit the Conference Website.

Call for Papers


The Consortium for Transatlantic Studies and Scholarship (CTSS), centered at the Franklin Institute of the University of Alcala, Spain, consists of transatlantic universities in the Americas and Europe. CTSS invites scholars in the humanities and social sciences to participate in an interdisciplinary conference on GLOBAL CHALLENGES to the TRANSATLANTIC WORLD on October 24-26, 2013.

Today’s global issues present a profound challenge to the importance of transatlantic relations. Only a few years ago an interdisciplinary debate on globalization contributed to the perception of a shrinking world where the Atlantic, was seen as the paramount crossing-point for a host of linkages.  However, recent developments in economic/financial, climate, existential concerns for multilateral organizations, terrorism challenges, the rise of far right political parties, and the challenges for resources and markets from other parts of the world would seem to render a concentrated focus on transatlanticism unnecessary if not outdated.  Debates on the current transformations in world affairs have opened up for questions about the nature of transatlantic relations and of what constitutes the western community in a global world.

THE CONFERENCE ON GLOBAL CHALLENGES to the TRANSATLANTIC WORLD addresses several inter-locking issues from a transatlantic perspective—democracy, culture, education, political, economic, human rights, international relations and organizations, justice, jurisprudence, security, etc. First, what is the nature of transatlantic relations in the past and the present? What do we mean by the western community, western norms and values and a western civilization and what often are addressed as westernization in an era of globalization? Second, what constitutes a cross-Atlantic culture and what roles do education, religion, literature play in the cross-Atlantic relationship and its development? Third, how do we understand western democracy and the western political culture? What constitutes western democracy, rights and liberties such as justice and equality? Fourth, how do citizens and politicians in the west perceive security risks and challenges in a globalized world? What are, if any, the transatlantic strategies and institutional arrangements to deal with the variety of challenges to the ideals of this region of the globe? In addition, what comparative issues may be identified across the Atlantic in dealing with these challenges?

THE OVERALL AIM of the conference is to bring together scholars from across the world and from across the arts, humanities, and social sciences, to discuss the nature and changing traits of Global Challenges through the lens of the transatlantic perspective. Papers can be theoretical, methodological, or empirical in their scope. They should address topics and phenomena from both European and American angles. In addition, priority in the selection process will be given to papers that problematize in depth the transatlantic dimension – e.g. comparative, cross-cultural and intercultural methodologies, analytical perspectives, and pedagogic approaches. The organizers especially welcome young scholars and postgraduates. 

Electronic submissions are accepted in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Please use this link to submit an abstract by July 15, 2013.

Don Wallace Daniel Silander
Department of Criminal Justice
University of Central Missouri
Warrenburg, MO  64093
E-mail: Click here
Department of Political Science
Linnaeus University
351 95 Växjö
E-mail: Click here