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International Student Organization Constitution

Article I: Name

            The name of this organization shall be the International Student Organization.


            We the members of the International Student Organization of the University of Central Missouri, aim to cultivate an interest in, and to inform ourselves and others on international affairs, and desire to aid peace and friendship based on justice and freedom, so hereby establish this Constitution of the International Students Organization of the University of Central Missouri.


            Section I:  Any student officially enrolled at the University of Central Missouri or who attended in past and willing top adhere to the provisions of the Constitution shall be eligible for membership in the organization.

            Section II:  Associate Membership may be granted to any person who demonstrates an interest and wants to work within the organization.

            Section III:  Membership fees for the following year shall be decided at the last general meeting of each academic year.


            Section I:  The Duty elected officers shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Sport, Membership and Publicity Coordinators.  These elected officers may constitute the Executive Board.  The elected officers may appoint Assistant Secretaries, Assistant Treasurers, Assistant Social Coordinators, Assistant Sport Coordinators, Assistant Membership Coordinator, and Assistant Publicity Coordinators.  Assistant Coordinators are not voting members of the Executive Board.

            Section II: Any member of Executive Board, after notification of the International Student Organization’s advisor, can be removed from the Executive Board with a majority vote of the Executive Board,, excepting the officer in question, and a two-third majority vote in a general meeting, due to a violation of the constitution by the officer in question.

           Section III:  As the official representatives of the International Student Organization, the Executive Board has authority to fill any vacancy in the Executive Board, in event of a resignation.

            Section IV:  The President presides over all meetings and carries out any other considerations for the good of the organization.  The President may appoint any committees which are determined to be needed.  The President is also the official representative of the International Student Organization at the university functions including attendance at the meetings include but not limited to, the Student Diversity Board, International Affairs Committee, and Association of Student Leaders.  In the Absence of the Treasurer, the President has the authority to sign the checks.

            Section V:  The Vice President carries out all duties of the President in the absence of the President.

            Section VI:  The Secretary shall take the minutes at each meeting, read them at the following meeting, prepare the agenda for all general meetings, keep attendance of the officers at general and Executive Board meetings, and keep records of all activities.  An additional duty shall be to make all facility reservations for general meetings and Executive Board meeting.

            Section VII:  The Treasurer shall handle all financial matters and report the current balance at each meeting.  These financial matters shall include keeping precise and up-to-date records of all financial transactions and the Treasurer has the authority to sign checks.

            Section VIII:  The Social Coordinator shall be responsible for organizing all social events.

            Section IX: The Sports Coordinator shall be responsible for coordinating all athletic events of interest to ISO members. After consultation with the Executive Board, the Sports Coordinator will have the authority to remove any member from participation in any ISO-sponsored athletic events, if the member displays behavior unbecoming of the organization as a whole.

            Section X: The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for all matters regarding the membership process, including the collection of membership fees and their transferral to the Treasurer within a reasonable amount of time, making membership forms and cards, and informing all members of general meetings.  The Membership Coordinator shall also provide each Executive Board member and the Assistant Membership Coordinator (but not other assistants) with up-dated membership lists.

            Section XI:  The Publicity Coordinator shall be responsible for carrying out all public relations and promotion of the organization.

            Section XII: Each coordinator shall be responsible for the dissemination of information regarding their respective upcoming events.


            Section I:  Unless otherwise provided for the Executive Board, the organization shall hold at least two general meetings each month during the academic year.

            Section II:  Meeting times and places shall by the Executive Board.

            Section III:  The Executive Board shall meet once a week that school is in session, with meetings during breaks set at the Board’s discretion.

            Section IV:  Any meeting or function sponsored by the International Student Organization shall be open to the public.  Special functions may be designated by the Board as being for members only.


            Section I:  Only dues paying members will be eligible to vote.

            Section II:  Each country with paid members will have privilege and responsibility of casting one vote in the election of officers.

            Section III:  A Quorum of members is requires to hold a General Meeting or Executive Board meeting.

            Section IV: For the election of officers a quorum of two-thirds of the member nations shall be present.

            Section V:  Any vote during a general meeting requires a fifty percent quorum of individual members otherwise the vote passes to the Executive Board.

            Section VI: A two-third quorum of Executive Board Officers shall be present at an Executive Board meeting vote.

            Section VIII:  Ties in General Meeting votes shall be broken by the President.


            Section I:  Nomination of Officers shall be submitted by any member of the organization.

            Section II:  Nomination of Officers shall be due one week before the elections are told to be held.

            Section III:  Election are to be held at the last general meeting of the school year.

            Section IV:  A secret ballot shall be used at all times in the election of organization officers.

            Section V: Qualifications for Officer Candidates are as follows:

  • Candidates must have paid membership dues for at least one academic Year.
  • Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Candidates must be enrolled as full time students throughout their term of office and have the standing of at least a sophomore.
  • Those with only the standing of freshman are only eligible for assistant coordinator positions.
  • Ties in the election of officers will be broken by a majority vote of elected members of the Executive Board and International Student Organization Advisor.


            Section I:  This Constitution will be amended by a two-thirds majority of a quorum attendance at a General Meeting.

            Section II:  This Constitution will be ratified by a two-thirds majority of a quorum attendance at a General Meeting.

            Section III: Amendments are only valid when a copy of the new Consititution is in the International Student Center.

            Section IV:  This Constitution, if approved, will go into affect at the beginning of each academic semester, as soon as it is ratified.