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What to Bring With You

Many students have asked what specific items they should bring with them when they arrive at UCM.   If you have signed up for temporary housing, you will have the basic necessities in your room when you arrive: bed sheets, blanket, pillow, and a set of towels.  You will need to bring your own personal items such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

When you move to your apartment or residence hall, however, you will need your own bedding, towels, and etc.  We will take students on a shopping trip the evening of August 15th so that they can purchase these items, so you do not need to bring them with you.  Because the airlines will restrict the weight of your luggage, we recommend that you take advantage of the shopping trip and plan on buying these items after you arrive.

An option that might make your shopping trip more convenient is to shop ahead of time online at  We have a Wal-Mart in our town, and you can select the “Site to Store” shipping option, which is free shipping to our local store in Warrensburg, Missouri (zip code 64093).  You will find that you have a better selection of items online, and you will be able to see the prices of items to help you in planning your budget.  If you do purchase items online, select the “Site to Store” shipping option, and you’ll be able to pick up your items when we take you on the shopping trip. 

A list of basic items that you should purchase include:

Blankets (twin size fits residence hall mattresses)
Sheets (twin size fits residence hall mattresses)
Bath towels
Toilet paper

Items that will make your stay more comfortable and convenient might include the following.  (Exchange students will have some kitchen items and a phone already included in their apartment packs when they check in to their apartments.) 

Alarm clock
Laundry bag or basket
Laundry detergent
Organizer/Planner (you can get one free when you buy your books at the university bookstore)
Lamp for desk or floor
Anything to decorate your room
Mini refrigerator (these are available to rent from the Housing office)
Dinnerware such as plates, cups, eating utensils
Cleaning supplies such as paper towels, disposable wipes, all-purpose surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, dish detergent, and dish cloth or sponge
Sewing kit
Extension cords
Power strip
Computer and printer
Cables for printer or computer
DVD player
First-Aid kit
Bicycle - there is a short-term rental program from theStudent Recreational Center.  However, bicycles are inexpensive to buy at Wal-Mart ($50-$65)

Calling Home, Phone Cards, and Skype
Many of you will want to call home to let your family know that you’ve arrived in Warrensburg.  When we pick you up from the airport and when you check into temporary housing, you will get a free phone card from us with that you can use to call home.  We will also have computers with Internet access in a Welcome room in the Ellis building that you can use to email home.

Besides that, you might want to shop around for phone cards that offer inexpensive rates to call to your home country.  Another option is to use Skype, with is a software program that you can install on your computer to call for free from your computer to computers that also have Skype installed.  You can install this on the computer that your family can use from home, and you can install it on your personal computer that you will use while you are at UCM so that you can call your family for free.  You can also purchase credit on Skype, which you can use to call telephone numbers for discounted rates.  Rates to every country code are different, so shop around to be sure that Skype will give you the most reasonable rate to call home.  Skype can be used for voice calls, video calls, and multiple-person calls. Please visit to download the program and learn more about its uses.