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Scholarships for Study Abroad

Financial Aid and ScholarshipsYou do not have to spend a fortune to go abroad! For many students the idea of studying abroad is very appealing, but many are worried about the cost. There is an assumption made that study abroad is much more expensiven than a regular semester at UCM, and many students are discouraged from even applying.

A variety of grants and scholarships are available for UCM students to help support abroad programs. Most UCM financial aid may be applied to study abroad through UCM sponsored programs. These include the Regents and Distinguished Scholar awards, departmental scholarships, Pell Grants, and most other forms of financial aid. Please visit the Student Financial Services office for full information on how financial aid may apply to your study abroad program.

International Studies Grant

Students pay UCM in-state tuition while abroad for full-time enrollment. A $1000 International Studies Grant is also provided to each participant who is enrolled full-time during a fall or spring Study Abroad program. Summer grants are also available and are a minimum of $500 for those attending UCM-sponsored Study Abroad programs. This grant does not apply to study tours. No application is necessary. This grant will be applied directly to the student's UCM account once the student has been accepted to study abroad through the UCM International Center and the host university. The student must also submit all other required paperwork, flight itinerary, and attend the manditory Study Abroad Orientation to receive the grant.


UCM Foundation Scholarships

Through the UCM Foundation, scholarships are offered to encourage students to study abroad. The following is a list of those scholarships. UCM Scholarships

L. Jerold Adams Scholarship study in Japan

John and Barbara Erickson Scholarship for International Studies business students for study abroad

Shipley-Hocker Scholarship junior and seniors study abroad students

Tadeusz Ujejski Scholarship study in Poland and Eastern Europe

Jayme Parks-Soulis Memorial Scholarship study in France

Kozaburo Teno Memorial Scholarship study in Asian countries

Webb Chinese-American Scholarship study in China

A.E. Wright International Scholarship education majors for study abroad


Program Provider Scholarships

Program providers offer scholarships for students who go abroad through the organizations. If you apply for one of these scholarships, you must be accepted to study through one of these programs.

GlobaLinks - participants in the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad programs

ISA - International Studies Abroad

ISEP - International Study Education Program


Independent Agency Scholarships

David L. Boren Scholarships general Study Abroad

Bridging Scholarship study in Japan

BUTEX Scholarship study in the United Kingdom

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship for students who receive Pell Grant financial aid awards during study abroad

DAAD German Academic Exchange Service

Phi Kappa Phi general Study Abroad grant

Rotary International general Study Abroad scholarship

Many other scholarships exist in the vast world of college funding. Additional scholarship searches may be conducted online or through the UCM Student Financial Services office. Please ask your academic department about scholarships that may be available to students in your major.

Fulbright Program