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Volunteer Opportunities

Current Volunteer Opportunities
Visit Mules4Hire to see the current volunteer opportunities or contact Kristie Brinkley.

Student Volunteer Fair
One time each semester, Volunteer Services invites local not-for-profit agencies to campus. These agencies provide information for students to encourage their participation as volunteers. This fair provides an excellent opportunity for students to become involved in service projects in the local community. Students are able to give back to others and learn about our community at the same time.

"Week of STUFH"
Team up with other UCM students and give back to the community. UCM is a part of the Students Team Up — Fight Hunger (STUFH) program. The goals of STUFH include helping to feed the millions of American families who are unable to benefit from our prosperous economy, raising the awareness that there are those less fortunate who need a helping hand to survive, and strengthening ties between the campus and community populations. You can help by donating your left over food to the local Food Center at the end of the spring semester or anytime during the year. Clothing donations are also collected for Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as unused school supplies for the Johnson County Teacher's Warehouse.

Visit for more information.

UCM Volunteers
UCM’s student volunteer organization provides opportunities for group involvement while contributing something valuable to the world around you. Annual programs sponsored include Highway Clean-up and the "Week of STUFH". This student group is always looking for new service ideas. Your involvement can make a difference in your campus and outside community.