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Office of Admissions

Ward Edwards 1400
Warrensburg, MO 64093
phone: 1-877-729-8266


Information About Learning Communities

As part of our commitment to student involvement and success, UCM provides first-year students with the opportunity to join a Freshman Learning Community.

What is a Learning Community?

A Learning Community is a small group of students (typically 20 - 25) who take two to three courses together during their first semester. One of the courses is a 1 credit hour Freshman Seminar (AE 1400) or a 1 - 2 hour Department Orientation course.  The Freshman Seminar focuses on making a successful transition to the college environment and helps make connections between the other courses in the Community.

Types of Learning Communities 

We offer a wide variety of Learning Communities built around majors, interests and themes. All Learning Communities include combinations of first year courses proven to enhance success. Click here to view the Learning Communities offered.

Research on Learning Communities

Research done at a number of campuses, including UCM, clearly documents the benefit of Learning Communities. Students participating in Learning Communities are more likely than non-participants to succeed in their academics, be more satisfied with the social and cultural experiences of the university, and report greater satisfaction with their opportunities to interact closely with faculty and other students.